Sooo… yeah. Teenteam in November-ish

Yep, I’m making a brand ‘New’ webcomic type thingamajig named ‘TeenTeam’.
It’ll be about Teenagers that play games and stuff. Think Penny Arcade meets Eddsworld.
This blog will be made exclusively for Teenteam related stuff. My main blog where I post/reblog stuff I like is The-X-Button. Go follow it if ya want. I’m also doing a comedic gaming commentary with a bud, for info and updates on that, go follow GoofingGamers.

By the way, I’m committed to doing this comic. My facebook profile has teenteamcomics in the url, my main youtube is teenteamcomics and my PSN username with 10 fucking platinum trophies is teenteam… so it’s either make comics, make new accounts and do everything from scratch or live with my username of a forgotten dream that will haunt me for a long long time. so i have no choice but to persevere with the comic that is completely new and i have never ever done before >.>